• Escort outcall ONLY possible from 1h booking;

  • Unfortunately there are a lot of scammers. As a result, I'm forced to request a deposit of € 150 that you transfer to my business account 2 days in advance.


  • If the appointment cannot continue, you'll  receive the deposit back the same day.  Correct is correct

​General Rules

  • You can make an appointment by booking online. Then we can schedule a telephone call.

  • Please note that I'm not a chat service or call center. Communication is only professional and straight-to-the-point. If you don't respect my personal time, an appointment is no longer possible.

  • Unpaid dates are not possible. Don't put me in an uncomfortable position to tell you this ...

  • Intimate contact is always safe and protected.

  • I don't negotiate prices. If you can't pay this, we aren't a match.

  • Outcall is only possible with a timely appointment of 48 hours in advance.

  • I'm provided with everything.

  • I only work with a high-quality clients who know how to value and respect a woman. Inappropriate applications are therefore completely ignored.

  • Please take the time to go through all the information,

Appointments for weekends / travel

  • A weekend or trip is only possible if we already know each other.

  • You're not a customer and still want to travel with me? Great! Book a first date quickly! The right connectio is important to have an unforgettable time!

  • I like to discuss the expectations in advance.

  • Flight tickets, hotel, food or extra costs are for your account.

  • A good night's sleep of 8 hours is essential for me to give the best of myself during the day.

  • Every day I want to take 1.5 hours of personal time. (calling family / friends, beautytreatment / exercising, ...) Just a little bit me-time.

  • In public I behave with class, elegance and 'good manners'. I expect this from you too.

  • 50% of the amount is paid one week before the trip by bank transfer or cash. You hand over the remaining amount in an envelope at the start (within the first 10 minutes) of the trip.

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